Healing Informed Approach/La Cultura Cura

Noxtin recognizes that all those touched by the juvenile justice field, including juvenile justice professionals, youth, families, and communities, have an interest in healing. We work with communities to create sacred spaces for healing that ground us in our cultural strengths and resiliency to build connections across our experiences.

Leadership Development

We assert that juvenile justice transformation happens through engagement, investment, and leadership embedded in the community. We build the capacity of those most directly impacted by the juvenile justice system to bridge the gap between systems professionals and community members to cultivate authentic, collaborative community-based participation in policy, practice, and systems change.

Health Equity

We are driven by a vision of healthy communities through equitable access to resources and attention to the interconnectedness of systems. 

Latino Context

Given that the focus on the disproportionate incarceration of youth of color draws primarily on a black/white binary, we believe there is a critical need to prioritize the juvenile justice system's impact of Latino youth, families, and communities. We draw upon the strengths of the Latino community to forge innovative approaches to transform the juvenile justice system and the disparities impacting Latino youth.